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My friend runs a very successful restaurant in the North West and she has seen her restaurant grow and grow since she began the business ten years ago. As with all of these things, her reputation has travelled through word of mouth until the national press reviewed her restaurant. Since that happened, she has had to extend the restaurant to twice its original size to cope with all the bookings she has and is doing very well indeed. One problem she has found since the restaurant has grown so huge, is how to look after all the food properly and comply with the strict hygiene regulations of this country. She was worried, quite rightly, that fridges were no longer large enough to store the amount of food she had to store on a daily basis and so she began to look at coldrooms as a different option for storing her food. She had heard that coldrooms had many advantages and, with the volume of food she was turning out daily, she knew that coldrooms would much better suit her needs than large fridges. She has had one installed and is thrilled with the results.




My boyfriend works for a huge meat distribution warehouse and, whilst it is not an ideal job in terms of being financially rewarding, he does enjoy his day to day working life. He tends to work in the coldstores and he jokes that even in the extreme summer heat we have been experiencing, he can go into the coldstores and find some relief. I find it amazing that he can be so upbeat about his job. For me, the experience of having to work in coldstores every day would be depressing but he says that this is not the case. He says there is a great variety of very interesting people he works with and I know that he has made some great friends there. What is more, the management have really come to rely on him as he is always hard at work and never lets them down. I really think, that because of his dedication, he will get promoted soon. Indeed, his bosses have intimated this to him and have stressed that he must bide his time and he will be rewarded. I really hope so because, as he is happy in his work, it would be wonderful if he could treat it as a career in which he will be able to progress.


Modular coldrooms


My friend works for a company which sells modular coldrooms to food manufacturers. Modular coldrooms are necessary when a large amount of food needs to be kept cool and conform to hygiene standards. She loves her job, and whilst she sometimes finds it difficult to explain to people exactly what modular coldrooms are, she nevertheless likes talking to people about her job. Although she has not been with the company very long, she is doing very well indeed and now has a team of staff under her. My friend is a natural manager and is one of that rare breed of people who can manage to get people to genuinely want to work hard for her. I think this is because of her personality as a whole. She is extremely approachable and nothing is too much trouble for her. Added to this, she is a very fair person and will always listen to both sides of an argument without taking sides. I think these are key qualities for her job and so it is of no surprise to me that she is doing extremely well in her career. I think that her bosses recognise how important her qualities are and are rewarding her for them.


cold room


I work in a large hotel in the city centre of Manchester and as I work in the kitchens preparing the food for the restaurant, I spend a lot of time going in and out of the cold room to get supplies. The cold room in the hotel is absolutely huge and is really just like a giant fridge. However, because I have to spend quite a lot of time in there on a day to day basis I am always being exposed to a vast difference in temperatures. Obviously the cold room is really chilled in order to keep all the food fresh and, when I come out of this environment into the warmth of the kitchen I feel the difference in temperature really keenly. One of the things I am worried about is that I seem to get more colds than any of my friends or family and I am wondering if it is because I am constantly exposed to these different temperatures. I decided to go to the doctor the other day to ask about this and whether it was causing me a problem but he told me that people do not get colds from a drop in temperature but from a virus instead. Although he conceded that a drop in temperature could make one more susceptible to a virus, it was actually the virus itself that caused the cold.


cold rooms


My husband works for a company which designs and fits cold rooms to the catering industry. The types of places where cold rooms are most prevalent is in big storage places where chilled foods are kept before being taken to supermarkets for sale to the general public. Obviously, these type of cold rooms are really large and therefore quite a bit of technical skill is needed to make sure that they meet the client`s requirements in both size and food safety requirements. Although things have been a little more quiet lately in my husband`s company, his work patterns do not change that much even though there has been a huge change in the economy. As he says, no matter what state the financial climate of the country is in, people still need food. Indeed, he has pointed out that sometimes, when people are feeling the pinch of a recession, supermarket sales can actually go up. He said that the reason for this was that people may well have gone to a restaurant a couple of times a week if they had more money but when things got tight, they would eat in instead, meaning they spent more money at the supermarket.


cold store


We are going on a lovely family holiday this year to Italy and I really can`t wait for the summer for the holiday to arrive. The apartment we are staying at is one we have stayed at for the last two years and we love it so much that I cannot imagine ever going anywhere else now. The apartment itself is part of a converted farmhouse and there are two bedrooms as well as a beautiful large swimming pool in the grounds. One of the things we found invaluable last year was the cold store they had in the communal building for guests to use to keep things cool. Last year it was uncommonly hot for Italy with temperatures nearly hitting forty degrees. The cold store was an absolute godsend as it made sure that we always had access to cold drinks and food. Indeed, the children got so hot that my youngest kept asking to go into the cold store and sit down in there. We all laughed at the time but I really do know how she felt. I don`t think it will be quite as hot this year but we will go prepared just in case.


cold room shelving


I work for a large food manufacturer and one of my duties is to move the food around from place to place. I often have to go into the cold room and take the food from the cold room shelving to put it in containers ready to be transported to shops. The cold room shelving has different sections for different types of food so there is no contamination from the storage. For instance, the cold room shelving for cooked meats is quite far away from the raw meats so there is no chance of any contamination. Obviously, with foodstuffs there are a lot of hygiene laws and my company needs to make sure it adheres to these laws. My company makes sure that it takes these laws extremely seriously as the consequences can be absolutely dire. For example, we heard about a rival company to ours that was closed down because of some contamination in their food stuffs. The company was a viable going concern before this disaster but now the warehouse has been closed down and a lot of people have lost their jobs. Thankfully my company do not have this problem as they take their responsibilities to their staff and the general public very seriously indeed.


freezer room


My little brother works in a butchers at the weekend and, although I think that the smell of meat that he has clinging to him when he comes home from work is disgusting, he does not seem to mind at all. Most of the work that he has to do is in the freezer room and that is the part of the job that he does not like. As the freezer room is obviously really cold he finds it very difficult to be in there. I think it is a little unfair that he has to work in the freezer room and told him to ask his boss if he can do work in the shop front. When he asked his boss he agreed immediately. My brother has been working in the shop front for the last couple of weeks and he has really enjoyed it. He is a naturally gregarious person and finds that he gets on really well with the customers that he serves. He told me that there is a lot of banter with the customers and him because he is so young but he is really doing well at the job and enjoying himself so the family is very happy for him. We are also really pleased that he gets free meat to bring home as a perk of the job.