In addition to manufacturing a complete modular coldroom system, Polysec manufacturing techniques and installation experience extend to the field of large coldstore and warehouse distribution type projects, covering both chill and freezer applications.

Quality installations:

The same exacting manufacturing standards which we apply to small coldrooms are applied to large coldstores, this coupled with well organised and co-ordinated contract management result in cost efficient installations.


The Polysec polyurethane insulated panels which are used to form the walls and ceiling of such projects ensure a high degree of structural stability. Each panel is formed with an integral tongue and groove secured to its neighbour via a non metallic allen key operated “Polylock”. The higher density foam injected core of the panel together with the inherently more efficient insulation characteristics of polyurethane foam help to ensure more economic running costs than coldstores constructed from panels produced from other insulating materials and manufacturing techniques.

Total control:

A complete service is offered from initial design concept, in-house manufacture through to installation and final commissioning. Included are all ancillary items such as under floor heating, concrete flooring screeds, final floor finishes and internal racking systems to suit individual requirements.

More Information:

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