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Insulated Doors and Panels

Having both the experience of manufacture and installation Polysec supply to other insulation Contractors a comprehensive range of quality manufactured products. These include insulated panels complemented by a full range of doors and frames which are designed to help reduce on site installation times. All panels and doors we manufacture are easily assembled to form an efficient coldstore.

Doors – the vital element

The basis for all door leaves is our highly efficient injected polyurethane foam. Gasket, insulation thickness and anti condensate heaters vary according to the specific application. All doors and frames, whether single hinged, sliding or auto-electric are fully assembled during manufacture and tested before leaving the factory. This testing procedure helps further reduce site installation time and ensures consistently high standards of quality for this vital element of any coldstore.

Interlocking panels

Our polyurethane insulated panels are all manufactured with an integral tongue and groove to the long edges, and each panel is locked to its neighbour via our non metallic “Polylock”. We are able to offer a full modular system, with locking corner panels up to 4.000 mtrs high, this coupled with panel layout drawings and full factory support are the key to containing installation times. Polysec insulated panels are produced in thickness of 75, 100 & 125mm up to 8.900 mtrs in length.

The Complete Solution

By using Polysec doors and panels you are confident of having the backing of a manufacturer who is very much aware of your problems, and is committed to producing a product which is tailored to meet the needs of your client in the most cost effective manner.

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