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Congratulations if your fridge is well-stocked with healthy food options, you must care about your bodily intake, value the importance of health and well-being, and be mindful of what you buy when you visit the supermarket.

Try not to be too disheartened if you have a slab of chocolate cake left over from a birthday celebration, or the remains of that takeaway from last night begging to be eaten, we’re all a little guilty of eating the odd ‘tempting’ item every once in a while.

Right now, your fridge could be home to all manner of horrors, just waiting to add a few inches to your waistline.  Pull open the door, take a peek inside, and we bet you’ll see at least one of these items staring right back at you.

Does your cold store contain any of the following? 

1.) Cans of Fizzy Drinks

Bottles of cola and other fizzy drinks are full of sugar, they might taste great but they do nothing for a healthy eating plan. Some so-called sports drinks and energy drinks are surprisingly packed with sugar too, so you have to read labels carefully prior to making a purchase. Drink less pop and more bottles of water if you really want to take the healthy approach.

2.) Open Bottles of Booze

Think a glass of wine a night is good for you? Rather worryingly, one glass of wine is the equal of 170 calories, and beers or spirits don’t perform much better either.  Limit your alcohol to stay trim and remain healthy, drinking in moderation is the way forward.

3.) Packs of Processed Meats

Surely wraps of ham and packs of smoked meat can’t be bad for you can they? Believe it or not, many processed packs of meat contain curing agents, salts, and additives, which can increase your chances of health risks. Be careful with cold packs of meat, it’s much better to buy fresh from a deli counter.

4.) Jars of Eggy Mayonnaise

You’ve seen the adverts on the telly for specific brands of mayonnaise. They encourage you to slather this gorgeous gooey substance over everything in sight, from sandwich fillings to tuna in jacket potatoes. Watch the calorie count if you take this approach.  A decent helping of mayo can be over 300 per serving, so you might want to use low fat options or cut down on your serving of this tasty but very naughty condiment.

5.) Blocks of Creamy Butter   

Hot toast and butter… how nice is that? There’s no mistaking the flavour of butter, whether you smother it over the surface of a scone, or throw large chunks of it into a cake mix. The only problem is butter is high in saturated fat and has a huge calorie content as a result.  Use low-fat spreads instead, they might not taste as nice, but they’re a darn sight healthier!

At Polysec we’re not only expert providers of polyurethane insulated coldrooms, we know what’s good and bad to store in temperature controlled environments.  

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