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Pack food products the right way and you can store them at the ideal temperature inside a coldroom. Cold storage solutions keep your products at the perfect temperature ready for you to use or distribute as part of your business. The packaging of coldroom produce is quite an important factor to consider when you are using coldstores on a regular basis. Some of the following factors might cross your mind as you make coldstore packaging choices.

Is the packaging cost-effective?

Cost is going to be an important factor when you are choosing coldstore packaging. Does is represent good value for money, are you getting a good deal for buying in bulk, could you find a lower price through another supplier elsewhere?  Weigh up the cost implications of your existing coldstore packaging. It wouldn’t do any harm to shop around for a better deal if you feel you are paying too much for packing solutions right now.

Have you chosen moisture-resistant materials?

Coldroom packaging has to be moisture resistant for the most obvious reasons. If you are storing items at cold or freezing temperatures they are going to be exposed to moisture-laden environments, so the materials they are constructed from need to perform flawlessly in this type of setting. Guarantees should be provided by the packaging supplier so you have total faith in the ability of the packaging once it is stored at lower temperatures.

Are they non-toxic?

It goes without saying your coldstore packaging has to be free from toxins due the nature of the produce they come into contact with. Ask the supplier if they use food safe inks for example, to prevent any complications. The utmost care has to be taken when storing food produce and you simply cannot take chances when it comes to packaging, this needs to be 100% toxic-free and capable of close contact with produce with no side effects whatsoever.

Could you reuse them?

Most businesses are conscious of their green credentials today. That being the case, are you sensitive to the needs of recycling and can you say with total confidence you are making every effort to purchase packaging that can be used time and time again? There are plenty of sustainable packaging options to choose from and a number of suppliers that sell recyclable and repulpable cold storage packaging for food storage applications.

Is this material biodegradable?

Sticking with the subject of environmental concerns, are the materials you are using for coldroom packaging eco efficient, compostable and totally recyclable? If you want to make sure, insist that your supplier shows you an EU compostability certificate to verify their green credentials, and check their materials are 100% biodegradable.

Make the right choices with coldroom packaging and you can store produce safely inside coldrooms without any concerns. If you need advice and information about coldstores, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Ploysec, or call 01905 458551.

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