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Think of food items you can enjoy straight from the freezer and ice cream is right up there as one of the most popular choices. Whether you eat it from a cone, a bowl, or straight from the tub, your favourite flavour of ice cream is a welcome relief, especially on a nice sunny day. Kept at the perfect temperature, it’s hard to resist a scoop or two of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Whatever flavour you like to eat, there are some facts you probably don’t know about ice cream and we list them for you here at Polysec.

Get it Licked

On average it takes around 50 licks to consume a single scoop of ice cream. The next time you order a cone, count and see how many licks it takes you to eat the ice cream, and monitor the licks per scoop to see if you are an above or below average ice cream consumer.  With a bit of practice, you’ll soon hone your technique and be able to eat the ice cream with the greatest efficiency, lick by lick!

My Brain is Freezing

Have you ever wondered what exactly happens when you suffer brain freeze whilst you eat an ice cream? Anyone that has experienced this painful process will now how uncomfortable the sensation is as your eyeball feels like it’s about to explode. Brain freeze is caused by the ice cold ice cream touching the roof of your mouth and sending arteries and blood vessels into a state of shock. The pain usually passes after a few minutes and can be alleviated by gently warming the roof of the mouth with your tongue or a glass of warm water.

That’s a Big Cone

The current Guinness World Record for the tallest ice cream was set in Norway on 26th July 2015 at a whopping 3.08 metres tall. As well as a cone weighing 95.85 kg, there was 1,080 litres of ice cream used, 60kg of chocolate lining, and 40kg of jam.  After being measured inside a factory freezer, the ice cream was airlifted by helicopter and taken to the Tall Ships Race Event in Kristiansand Harbour where it was handed out to people attending the event.

Think You Eat Too Much Ice Cream?

Although we love ice creams in the UK we are only 10th on the list of countries that are the top consumers in the world. Sweden, Finland and Australia take up positions five, four and three, whilst the United States are safe in the runners-up spot, and New Zealand takes the ultimate accolade as leading consumer of ice cream.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Looks Different Than It Used To!

Ask for a Neapolitan ice cream and you expect a bowl filled with three unique flavours consisting of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. There was a time when this was different though. The original flavours of Neapolitan ice cream consisted of pistachio, vanilla and cherry to honour the colours of the Italian flag.  Thinking about it, this sound rather nice, does anyone fancy a scoop or three?

Ice cream is delicious scooped fresh from the freezer and we know a thing or two about this here at Polysec. As one of the UK’s leading providers of freezer applications, we sell the ideal products to keep freezer food at just the right temperature, find out more about this by contacting us or calling 01905 458551 today.

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