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Coldstores made from insulated panels are complemented by a range of doors and frames which help to create an efficient and reliable chilled environment. Insulated doors are quite often one of the most vital elements of a coldstore, so we explore some of their features here and consider what you should be looking for when choosing doors of this nature.


A quality insulated door should be constructed from quality materials and have a good level of polyurethane density for superior insulation purposes.  For example, here at Polysec, we manufacture doors with a polyurethane thickness of 75, 100 & 125mm so they are suitable for any type of cold room application, whether this is to preserve or ripen foods.


Insulated doors should be constructed to the highest possible standards and be fully assembled during the manufacturing process so they can be tested before they leave the processing plant. This will ensure the door is fit for purpose and ready to fit, so once it has been delivered to site it can simply be interlocked with other modular panels and therefore be ready to start working straight away.


If they are constructed correctly, insulated doors should be suitable for many applications, but it’s always worth considering where the door is going to be fitted, and the purpose it will have once it has been installed on-site. Typical types of applications where insulated doors and panels are used include:

  • Chilled warehouse environments
  • Meat processing plants
  • Fruit and vegetable storage areas
  • Dairies and ice-cream businesses
  • Fish processing plants


Of course, this is just a small sample of the many industries that use chilled storage as part of their business operations – many others find cold rooms constructed from insulated panels and doors to be an invaluable asset.

If you are looking to add insulated doors to a cold store environment we have the perfect collection here at Polysec.  Find out more and contact us today, you can leave a message or simply call us on 01905 458551.


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