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Cold storage solutions are economical, easy to use and serve a wide range of industry sectors, so perfect if you have any type of produce you want to keep fresh. With solutions to suit all sectors, we have cold rooms, chillers and freezer applications that support a wide range of businesses, and can offer modular, walk-in or drive-in warehouses with the capabilities to store huge stocks of produce. If you have ever wondered what types of industries use cold stores for the safe and efficient storage of produce, we list some of the most common sectors right here.

Commercial Bakers

Temperature controlled environments are perfect for the storage of baked goods, which help to keep products fresher for longer and ensure they can be stored in the ideal condition for longer periods prior to distribution to retail outlets, restaurants and other customers.


Cold storage containers are capable of storing cheese and milk at optimum temperatures, helping to keep items typical renowned for their short shelf life much longer, and extending their overall lifespan. Different sized cold stores are available and they can be tailored to the customer needs, enabling you to store as many dairy goods as you like.


Freshly caught fish has a very short lifespan so it’s imperative they are frozen as quickly as possible to preserve the life of the stock. Stored correctly, and the fish can last for days, and still be as delicious and as fresh as the day they were caught.

Fruit and Vegetables

Products quick to perish such as fresh fruit and vegetables can be safely stored then shipped to customers in perfect condition, regardless of the time of year. Thanks to freezers and cold rooms, this type of produce can be stored for long periods and taste just as delicious as the day it was picked.


Keep meat and poultry in the best possible condition using commercial cold store solutions and this helps to minimise waste whilst giving you a greater return on profit. Meat can be frozen and preserved for long periods of time and you can place cold stores and freezer rooms outside your business to free up room.

We offer a range of cold storage units for all types of industries here at Polysec, and you can find out more about them by contacting us here today or calling us on 01905 458551.

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