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Whichever type of coldroom you plan to install, whether it’s a small walk-in unit or a huge drive-in facility, careful consideration should be given to safe working practices within the facility.

The planning stage is important as you configure a coldroom layout. Weigh up these factors to begin and this should ensure your coldroom is safe to use at all times.

General construction

Modular drive-in coldrooms should be constructed to the highest standards made from high grade polyurethane insulated panels. Our panels at Polysec are constructed from materials designed to enhance the insulation of cold storage solutions.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Structural supports – Should be positioned carefully not to hinder workflow and make access easier within the coldroom facility. Strategic planning is critical during the design stage to optimise the layout of the chiller facility. Staff should be initiated and made familiar with the interior design of the layout.
  • Flooring – Use screeding to create a smooth surface free from cracks, ripples and blemishes. Underfloor heating along with a choice of screeds and final finishes are just some of the options available to new customers depending on personal requirements. Pay careful attention to the quality of flooring to prevent slips, trips and incidents.
  • Air flow – Good quality airflow is needed to enable staff to work in safe working environments. Coldrooms are busy environments. It’s quite common for forklift trucks and other site traffic to be seen working in this type of setting, many of which run on diesel or LPG fuels which can produce toxic fumes.
  • Thermal conditions – Cold rooms are challenging environments to work within. Suitable protection is required for anyone that spends prolonged periods of time working within this type of environment.  As well as wearing protective clothing, staff should be closely monitored to prevent risks to health.

Get in touch for guidance about coldrooms. Polysec are one of the UK’s leading providers of cold storage solutions.

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