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Coldrooms are extremely necessary and instrumental within a wide variety of industries. From keeping food fresh to preventing meat from rotting, coldrooms are often vital to businesses. We have compiled a list of the most common uses for coldrooms and how greatly they impact the industries within which they are relied upon.


Supermarkets and shops use coldrooms to keep their produce fresh and in a saleable condition. The most suitable cold rooms for supermarkets are the Polybox system or the Polysec Modular Coldroom option. The Polybox option consists of a comprehensive range of thirty five walk-in coldrooms. Each individual coldroom measures between two and fifteen cubic meters and can be used to store all manner of produce. Alternately, the Polysec Modular Coldroom System has been developed with the aim of providing maximum versatility and configuration. This coldroom system is highly versatile and personalisable to suit each user’s requirements. Both of these systems are large and customisable making them perfect for supermarket produce storage to keep items fresh and saleable.


Many industries benefit from cool warehouses; in addition to coldrooms we also manufacture techniques to create coldstores. We have the knowledge and techniques required to transform an entire warehouse into a place in which to chill or freeze items. Although this ties in with the supermarket coldrooms, it is on a much grander scale. The same exacting manufacturing standards which are applied to create small coldrooms are applied to large coldstores. As this demonstrates the technology of a coldroom on a much larger scale it could be much more useful to industries. Alternately, a 2 meter wide coldroom could be equally useful, depending on the industry.


As well as providing coldrooms to the food and drink industries, we are also able to install coldrooms within mortuaries. From single door “compact mortuaries” to multi-compartment suites, suitable for hospitals and pathology departments, there are many options when it comes to mortuary coldrooms. All mortuary units are designed, manufactured and installed to high standards with particular attention paid to ease of cleaning and operational hygiene requirements. The “compact mortuary” is especially designed for funeral directors who have a limited storage space. To complement the mortuary coldroom a hydraulically operated trolley is also available which accepts the body tray perfectly.

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