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Freezer food is convenient. It’s handy for families, single folks and couples. You can store stuff for months in the freezer then pop it into the oven and have a hearty and hot meal.

The products we sell at Polysec help to keep chilled and frozen food at the ideal storage temperature.

But what’s your favourite frozen food?

We can more or less guarantee, if you store frozen food at home, you’ll have tucked into one or all of these items at some point.


Is there anything more convenient than frozen pizza? It’s a life saver if you forget to visit the shops on your way home. The kids love it, you love it and you can eat it for a weekday tea, as a weekend treat, or after you get home from the pub. Pizza is a popular freezer option, and with plenty of toppings to choose, you can stock up on a host of different varieties.

Fish Fingers

Ever get the craving for a fish finger sandwich? Let’s face it. Whenever you make your children fish fingers at home, it’s hard to resist those golden crumbs containing all those flakes of fish. Fish finger butties are brilliant and they’re ever so easy to prepare.


Oven chips… need we say more? These are basic staples of any home freezer. Keep a pack handy just in case. You never know when they’ll come in handy.


Frozen vegetables are packed with goodness. Most are frozen and packaged the moment they are picked and they help prevent to food wastage often experienced with fresh produce.

Ice Cream   

Another family favourite! Ice creams, lollies and frozen yoghurts are useful to keep inside a household freezer. They’re great to eat on hot sunny days but most people would agree – you can enjoy this type of tasty treat at any time of the year!

Stock a freezer with these popular foods and your family will never go hungry.  If you need advice about chilled or frozen food storage, contact us here at Polysec.

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