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We all know the importance of storing produce at the right temperature but how many of us understand the safety principles associated with the handling of fresh food?  Run a catering business for example and you might use a modular coldroom to store basic ingredients prior to food preparation, do you follow good hygiene principles though?

Good hygiene is essential within the catering industry. Handle food that has been stored within a temperature controlled environment and this guideline could be useful.

Keep it clean

Personal hygiene is top of the list when it comes to food safety standards. Work within a food prep or food store facility and you should maintain a high level of personal hygiene at all times, whilst wearing clean clothing that is appropriate to the industry.

Hair should be tied back when you are around food and a hairnet should be worn at all times if you are handling fresh produce.

To help keep areas clean staff should be taught not to touch their face or hair if they are working with fresh produce and sneezing, eating or spitting should also be avoided to prevent passing germs.

Hand washing

Hands should be washed regularly if you handle food for a living. Get into the habit of washing hands the moment you walk into the food preparation area and always use soap and water after visiting the toilet, prior to prepping food, after touching raw food or handling waste items.

Germs and bacteria are spread from surface areas too, bear this in mind when touching light switches, cabinet handles and work surfaces that could contain bugs.  Food prep areas should be cleansed regularly and hands should be washed and dried thoroughly with paper, disposable towels.

Points to bear in mind

By law any business that prepares food or uses fresh ingredients taken from a cold store must:

  • Provide adequate washing facilities so staff can maintain good personal hygiene standards
  • Keep surface areas clean and in good condition if they are used for food preparation
  • Have areas where kitchen equipment can be cleansed and sterilised where necessary
  • Offer an satisfactory supply of hot and cold water
  • Arrange to have adequate waste disposal facilities
  • Make arrangements to store produce at the right temperature

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