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Cold rooms are the most important equipment that any food business or catering company will purchase. They are essential investments, and may even make the difference between having a successful venture or not.

With that being said, here are a few helpful hints for purchasing the right cold room for your personal needs.

Choose the Freezer that You Want

When coming to purchase a cold room you’ll find that there are a wealth of different brands and models to choose from, in all shapes and sizes. It’s important to identify whether you need a cold room and motor, freezer room and motor or stand alone cold room. This will allow you to purchase precisely what you need.

Know how much Space you Have 

Make a point to measure how much space you have and how much you’ll need to install the freezer. The size and type of equipment will likely depend on your special restrictions.

Know the amount of storage space you’ll need

Are you intending to purchase supplies in bulk or just a few cooking materials at a time? What types of materials are you intending to store in the cold room? These are questions that you must ask to ensure that you choose the right cold room.

Energy Saving and Cold Rooms

Cold rooms can consume a tremendous amount of energy. It’s important that you understand the energy rating of the product model that you’re interested in. High energy ratings mean that the product is likely to consume less energy.

The Features

The features of the cold room are vital. This allows you to take into account your specific storage needs and requirements. Check that the cold room has an adjustable thermostat and an auto-defrost function. Look at the shelving and fixtures, does the cold room provide the environment that you need.

These are the five key features to consider when purchasing a new cold room. It’s important that you tick all five of these boxes before putting down cold, hard cash on what will be one of the most expensive and vital necessities of your new venture.

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