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Fridges perform a function, right? They keep food cool, help to protect the life cycle of products, and prevent bugs and bacteria which could give you a very nasty tummy. However, in recent times fridges have been getting a whole lot smarter. They still store perishable items inside them, but they do so in such a clever way. Connected home products are becoming the must-buy gadgets of the future and family hub refrigerators might soon be common features in households around the country.

What exactly is a smart fridge?

Family hub fridge freezers contain unique Wi-Fi connected cameras so you can closely monitor the goods inside, no matter where you are. Using a special APP on your mobile device, you can check groceries inside the fridge and look for vital signs such as expiry dates, so you know when it’s time to replenish the goods.

What exactly are the advantages?

Having cameras built-in to the fridge not only enables you to check on use-by and best before dates, it could save you time, effort and money when you are out shopping. Imagine opening the APP to take a peek inside your fridge during the weekly shop, you’d instantly know if you needed to add anything else to your shopping basket that wasn’t on your list.   

Does the fridge have any other features?

Yes, it does. A cleverly integrated screen on the front of the fridge displays a calendar, messages and recipe ideas, plus there’s an entertainment system built-in enabling you to listen to music whilst you make a meal. Or watch your favourite TV show as you prep vegetables or clear up after the family.

Retailing right now, the technology is here to make your kitchen smarter and a fun place to be. Who would have thought something as simple as a cold storage solution could be so radical?

It makes you wonder where fridge and freezer technology is heading in the future. For advice and guidance about coldrooms or coldstore solutions, contact us here at Polysec or call us on 01905 458551.

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