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One of the more hazardous working environments is a warehouse. The environment has the potential for all manner of accidents. From slips and falls to falling goods, not to mention the use of heavy machinery, so often employed, it’s vital that anyone working in a warehouse is aware of all risks and how to take the necessary precautions to avoid an accident.

Below is a short summary of good practice for both employers and employees that will ensure that they remain safe in this hazardous environment.


Employee Training

It’s paramount to educate employees of the hazards of working in a warehouse. Despite considered vigilance, many accidents do occur, often resulting in injuries. Whether such injuries occur from the attempt to lift heavy objects, or from an unanticipated movement, accidents can happen. It’s important to educate employees of the hazards, in addition to more practical training, such as lifting and handling goods.


Injury and Hazard Avoidance

As mentioned in the previous paragraph accidents do happen. On occasion, such accidents occur as the result of a lack of employee communication, lack of attention or poor environmental awareness. One of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid any accidents is to be aware of what’s around you. A daily walkthrough of the environment is considered to be highly beneficial, and goes a long way to avoiding accidents. Health and Safety managers should you with employees and directories to find solutions for any environment where safety could be improved.


Manual Handling

You may be surprised to learn that a great deal of workplace injuries stem from a lack of manual handling awareness and knowledge. Educating employees of the correct way to handle heavy items is essential, as is creating an environment that is easy to move around in.

Additionally, should any spillages occur, these should be immediately cleaned. The risk of slipping is great, and this may result in severe injuries.  All employees need to work as a team, be aware of the dangers and look out for one another. Fostering this culture will reduce the potential for accidents to occur.

These are just a few basic ways that warehouse environments can be made safe and free from the potential for accidents to occur. By following these simple guidelines you’ll instil confidence in those working, and increase productivity.

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