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Storing food inside a coldroom is the ideal way to keep the produce fresh until you prepare it for consumption or sell it to customers to cook in the privacy of their own home.  By carefully storing food, you preserve its shelf life and help to reduce food wastage by preventing the items from spoiling for longer.

If you run a retail business that sells or prepares fresh produce for customers, it’s essential to keep food fresh. Consumers are unlikely to make purchases if the food you sell has the slightest indication of spoiling, and this is why you need to store it at just the right temperature.

Other factors help to drive consumer choices too. There are a number of reasons people make product choices and they include all of the following aspects.


The cost of food produce influences the general public. As people juggle domestic budgets they are more likely to purchase lower priced items and will generally shop around to look for the latest bargains. Competitively priced items are always going to sell much better than over-priced produce.


Food quality is equally as important as cost. If you have ever bought something from a store and were disappointed after eating it you will know how frustrating this can be. Sell good quality food and this drives consumers and influences their decision-making process. Businesses can ensure their produce is always of the highest quality by carefully storing it correctly inside a chilled environment.

Appearance, Taste or Smell

When food looks good, smells great and tastes superb you are more likely to want to purchase the same thing again. The way food looks stirs the visual senses, the smell of produce whets the appetite, and the taste of something tantalises the taste buds.  Get these factors right and food choices can be hard to resist.

Use by and sell by dates

All food produce is perishable. How it is stored will help to extend its lifespan but there comes a point at a specific date where it has to be sold and needs to be eaten. Items for sale in supermarkets and grocery stores have visual use by or sell by dates. People often get confused with these two dates thinking they are the same thing which they are definitely not. The sell by date indicates the last day a store can sell the item to the general public. The produce will still be okay to eat after this date, but the consumer needs to look for the use by date which tells them the last day the produce is ideally fit for consumption. When supermarkets store food inside chillers and refrigerated areas they monitor the dates of food produce and often reduce the price of items that are being sold on the use by date to bolster sales and reduce food wastage.

Many factors influence consumer choices when people are buying food. As long as you store produce correctly inside a coldroom, a chilled unit or a refrigerator you enhance the chances of making a sale.

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