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It’s a horrible feeling when you open the fridge and suddenly realise you forgot to visit the shops on your way home. Panic ensues as you desperately scour the cupboards for something edible, and then your mind switches to the freezer. Hopefully, it’ll be stocked with something tasty, or at the very least have some of these items frozen, ready to defrost quickly to turn into a makeshift midweek meal.


Make a large pan of homemade soup and freeze any spare portions for a quick and tasty meal in an emergency. You can thaw it in the microwave or simply place the pot in a small amount of water and gently heat it up until it’s totally thawed, then warm it through thoroughly.

Stew or Chilli

Extra portions of stew or chilli can be frozen and defrosted in a matter of minutes in the microwave. All you have to do is heat them up to the right temperature. Don’t worry about flavour loss. They taste just as good heated up, and you can enjoy them with pasta, rice or baked potatoes, or anything you can make quickly from the cupboard.


Slices of bread freeze really well. Pop them in the freezer before the use-by date and they’ll keep fine until you are ready to eat them. Handy for a quick sandwich, you can also grill bread with your favourite cheese and kill your hunger pangs this way.  


Frozen vegetables are a useful accompaniment to many types of meals. You can add them to soups, for example, make a quick curry, or toss them into an impromptu stir-fry with some noodles, and cook up something tasty in a matter of minutes.


Frozen prawns defrost ever so quickly if you pour water over them. Once defrosted, you can do so many things with a plate of prawns and make a tasty meal. Whether you mix them linguine, toss them in paella, add garlic and cream, or cover them in a curry sauce, you’ll have a quick and easy meal laid on the table in a matter of minutes with a packet of prawns.

Cooked sausages

Store cooked sausages in the freezer for midweek emergencies. Once they’re defrosted, you can mix them with a splodge of mash, chuck them in a casserole, or simply make a quick sandwich and slather them with your favourite sauce. Sausages go really well with pasta too. Just slice them up and add an arrabbiata sauce or something with less of a kick.


Slices of bacon are brilliant as freezer goods. They hardly take up any room, defrost really quickly, and you can even cook them from frozen if you can’t be bothered waiting for them to defrost. Toss cooked bacon into a salad, or add it to some pasta with a cheesy sauce for a cheaty treat.

Keep these food items in your freezer and you’ll be able to make speedy and tasty meals in hardly anytime on a crazy weeknight. As a supplier of freezer applications, we understand how important it is to utilise a freezer to its true potential here at Polysec, and sell a range of commercial coldrooms, coldstores and freezers.

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