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In all honesty you wouldn’t last long inside a coldroom without suitable protection. Spend a large amount of time working inside a chilled unit and the clothing you wear should be appropriate for the environment.  Normal safety wear is hardly going to be sufficient. Specialist coldstore solutions are required in this type of setting. With that in mind we list a few of the features you might want to look for when you select clothing for freezing temperatures. Cover these bases for the perfect garment solution.


Cold protection clothing should fit the body without being too baggy or cumbersome. Flexibility is the key here. The clothing should allow you room to move without hindering your progress. Avoid loose-fitting garments that give you too much room to move. They’ll feel slack and could let cold air in. High neck collars come in handy within a cold environment. They keep chills at bay and should prevent a stiff neck.


Think big chunky clothing is better in the coldroom environment? Believe us, it’s not. Chunky jackets limit your movement and that’s not good if you have to manually handle produce in chilled settings. It’s better to wear thinner garments where possible that still provide adequate protection. Thanks to clever designs and improved materials coldroom clothing is now thinner but warmer, making it much easier for you to go about your daily duties.


Protective clothing needs to be practical in chilled settings. Take jacket pockets for example. You’ll be wearing gloves inside a chilled room so the last thing you’ll feel like doing is taking them off to dig deep inside a pocket. Pick a jacket that has plenty of pocket space. You’ll be thankful if you spend a long shift inside a cold storage facility and can access your pockets without removing your gloves!


How well is the material going to last on the protective clothing? Wear it daily and it should last for ages no matter how challenging the environment is. Garments that conform to the latest industry standards are best. They’re tough, dependable and designed to cope with a punishing work routine inside demanding, chilled surroundings.

Get kitted out with suitable clothing if you work in a coldroom setting. If you need advice about chillers or freezer applications get in touch with the team at Polysec.

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