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Cold rooms are an essential part of many industries. But the low temperatures and restricted air movement present in the room make an ideal condition for condensation and moisture build up. This in turn, presents the perfect place for mould to grow.

This can bring about a number of problems, including the inhalation of mould spores and the contamination of goods in the room.

So what can you do to reduce the chance of mould growth in cold rooms?

Ensure all surfaces are clean

Surfaces are especially prone to mould in your cold room, so it’s imperative that that these are kept clean.

You should clean the surfaces using wet rags and mops and then make sure that they’re dried well. Dusting and sweeping can release mould spores into the air. Be wary of certain chemicals too, some can damage metal surfaces.

Use the cold room correctly

Every cold room has been designed for a specific function, and they should only be used for this function. There are even cold rooms on the market that are designed to deal with mould growth better than others.

Make sure that you’re using your cold room in the correct manner.

Always keep the door shut

Even when the room is in use it’s important that door is kept shut. Why? Well because most contaminants (like mould) originate outside the room and then make their way in.

Store goods correctly

If you store goods like food or wood incorrectly then you should expect the growth of mould. It’s important that you make use of suitable containers to prevent contamination. Do not use cardboard boxes – this is because they’re composed of cellulose which is an excellent material for mould to grow on.

Keep an eye out for leaks

Any moisture making its way into the cold rooms is going to increase the risk of mould growth. Even a minor leak can turn into a huge problem. So keep your eye out for them and repair them as soon as they’re spotted.

Any spills should be cleaned immediately too.

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