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Well, the beast from the east has certainly lived up to its name and storm Emma is proving to be just as nasty, with the UK struggling to cope with the after-effects of a polar vortex, and heavy snowfall landing in many parts of the country. We’re used to freezing conditions here at Polysec, and have many years of experience in the supply of coldrooms, coldstores and commercial freezer applications. Due to the weather being so terrible right now, we thought we’d try to lift the mood slightly, and look at a few fabulous and freezing titles that are currently recognised by Guinness World Records. Here’s what we came up with.

Largest snowball tournament

The largest snow softball tournament was held between the 6th and 8th March 2009 in Vermont, United States. 61 teams took part with 795 players in total, and Shaker Valley Auto were the ultimate winners of the competition, confidently beating all-comers by showing off their snow softball skills.

Record swim under a frozen lake

What do you do when you see a frozen lake? Crack the ice, take a swim? Most people would avoid this like the plague – the last thing on your mind would be to take an icy dip in such freezing conditions. This didn’t stop Johanna Nordblad. She set an unbelievable record on 14th March 2015 by swimming under the ice whilst holding her breath for a mighty 50 metres. The record took place at Lake Päijänne in Asikkala, Finland, and it’s safe to say the temperature was freezing.

World’s coldest concert

Imagine singing in front of a crowd of people in -300C temperatures. Charlie Simpson did in December 2012. The former Busted singer performed for a select number of people in Oymyakon, Siberia, one of the coldest populated locations in the world. His set lasted for 15 minutes and apparently he prepared for the cold by practicing with his band inside a giant freezer back in the UK.  Wonder if he got a chilly reception?

There are some truly amazing world records involving freezing conditions, and we know a thing or two about cold temperatures here at Polysec.  Our coldrooms keep your produce in the perfect condition, and you can find out more about them by contacting us online or calling us on 01905 458551.

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