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Cold stores are renowned for their ability to preserve the life of perishable items. Many of the items that are kept in temperature controlled environments are pretty obvious, but there are some surprises too. Just for fun, we thought we’d look at different types of products you can safely put in a cold store and keep for longer as a result.

Camera Film

In a digital age, it’s easy to overlook traditional photography with cameras that take 35mm film, but purists will argue film photography is better. One thing they might not realise is the traditional film is far superior when it’s stored at a cool temperature.  Put it in a fridge and this slows the degradation process and helps to keep the film fresh. Simply take the film back out of cold storage and let it acclimatise at room temperature for three hours prior to use.


Leave your perfume on a dressing table by all means but consider placing Eau de Toilette and Colognes in cold storage to keep it fresher for longer.  Evidence suggests that by storing your favourite scents at a lower temperature you can actually help them retain their fragrance for up to two years. That’s great news if you buy expensive colognes and want them to last as long as possible. Pop them in the fridge and have a quick squirt when you want to smell seductive. They’ll feel ever so cool and fresh!


How long do your lipsticks last? If you find they’re a bit mushy and you want them to be firm and last for as long as possible, consider storing them in a cooler setting. The lower temperature will look after your lippy and keep it in pristine condition ready for you to wear. If you have a favourite shade and like to make savings by buying in bulk, why not keep all your spares inside the fridge and have a constant supply on the go?


Here’s a great tip that makes candles last longer. Keep spares in the freezer and bring them out when you are ready to light them. Some people swear this makes them burn for twice as long. At the very least though, it’s going to extend the life of the candle somewhat.  Cold wax supposedly burns at a slower rate and apparently, it drips less too, so there’s less mess to clear up afterwards.


Okay, hands up, anyone put bunches of flowers in the fridge? Cut flowers last so much longer if you place the vase in the fridge overnight. Teleflora the well-known florist recommend this tip, and they say it can keep a bouquet fresh for at least four days longer when you try this method. Just make sure you keep the flowers on a separate shelf away from the food items in the refrigerator.

Wow, who would have thought so many unconventional items last longer inside cold storage units. Try some of these ideas to keep different types of products at the ideal temperature. Should you require information about cold stores please contact us here at Polysec, or call us today on 01905 458551.

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