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Many businesses require sufficient refrigerated storage containers. This is an unavoidable consequence of the nature of some businesses. Whether storing foods or other products for extended periods of time, or transporting such goods over long distances, adequate storage is paramount.

Consumers have a wealth refrigerated storage container options. Any business that’s considering using refrigerated storage should carefully consider their options. Recently technological advances have opened up specific cold storage unit options, designed to cater to even the most exacting of cold storage demands.

Here’s a look at the varying types of storage options consumers have open to them.

Cryogenic Cooling

Utilising frozen carbon dioxide to maintain a steady cold temperature, cryogenic cooling is considered to one the most attractive options for those with a need to keep products at a very cold temperature. As the ice melts gas evaporates and cools the container before being vented out. Cryogenic cooling performs superlatively well when transporting products.

Static Storage

Static storage is a highly popular option for commercial enterprises as they can be electronically operated. Energy efficiency is one of the primary concerns for commercial enterprises, and given the energy usage of static storage containers is considerably lower than other storage facilities they are highly attractive to businesses.

Redundant Refrigeration

Those seeking extra stability and refrigeration should consider redundant refrigeration. With two separate sets of fuel-powered units, placed at either end of the container that provides constant and consistent environment, they are a reliable cold storage unit.

The Size

Refrigerated storage units have long been considered to be the best option for transportation, and their size lends well to the needs of a wealth of commercial environments. Consumers can choose from 20ft or 40ft options, depending on their personal needs.

When considering a new cold storage facility, consumers have a wealth of options. Before purchasing any storage facility, it’s important to have an accurate idea of your needs.

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