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Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are composite building materials consisting of two orientated strand boards with an internal insulating foam care. Widely used throughout the construction industry, this is a highly popular building material, performing well in both residential and commercial applications. SIP systems are renowned for their strength and connect easily together, making them a very popular type of construction material.

For clarification purposes, we list the main advantages of SIP panels and help you understand how they could help and enhance your building project.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Generally speaking, SIP systems are extremely energy efficient thanks to their insulating prowess. Buildings constructed from SIPs are sturdy, durable and quiet – they produce fewer draughts and thanks to the added insulated insulation, reduce outside noise levels. All this contributes to greater energy efficiency and a reduction in harmful emission and utility bills.

 Quicker Build Times

Thanks to the design of SIPs there is a significant reduction in the time it takes to build new properties. Houses built from SIP panels can be constructed in just a few days. The shell is constructed in no time, meaning that all ancillary services can be installed within a shorter timescale, thus cutting the amount of time it takes to finish the property.

Strong & Lightweight

SIP panels are much lighter than other types of building materials. This makes site builds easier thanks to the minimum effort involved when the panels are assembled together. They might be light but that doesn’t mean to say SIPs are weak. They are tough and capable of handling a wealth of environmental conditions.

Waste Reduction

Structural insulated panels are manufactured at factories where a conscious effort is made to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Structures made from them generally have lower C02 emissions and really impressive green credentials, this makes SIPs the perfect material to use for the construction of cabins, lodges and garden offices.

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