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Modular Coldrooms configured in block type systems are available in a range of sizes to suit any refrigeration requirement. They have multiple compartments, durable floors, and can be equipped with a host of fixtures and fittings to make the units as practical as possible.

You can choose sliding or hinged doors depending on the purpose and your personal preference, and tailor each system to suit your individual needs. Our aim at Polysec is to provide you with a fully functioning flexible solution designed to give you maximum versatility, whatever you want to use the coldroom for.

No doubt you will have many questions to ask prior to ordering a coldroom, so here are a few points you might want to consider to make things easier for you.


Consider whether there is adequate ventilation inside the room where you plan to install the coldroom. This is important if you are considering buying a packaged or block style of unit where a suitable method of aeration is required due to the wall mounted refrigeration. All block systems need a free air supply as they generate a degree of warm air. Air vents and windows will almost certainly help.

Level base

All coldrooms should be installed on a totally level base to ensure the correct method of operation.  A good assessment of the proposed base will ascertain if it is suitable for the modular unit so it can achieve maximum efficiency and total reliability. Get the base level and your cold room will perform perfectly.

Power supply

This might sound obvious but do you have a suitable power provision for the block style cold store? There will be a requirement for a local electricity supply, if you have any doubts about how you are going to power the cold store, your refrigeration expert will be able to advise you accordingly.

Don’t worry if you have various thoughts running through your head when you are considering buying a cold store.  We have answers to all your questions here at Polysec and can provide you with a perfectly designed cold room to fulfil all of your requirements.

For more information, please contact us today and leave a message or call us on 01905 458551.

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