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You’d be wise to worry about the cost of electricity, especially if you run a company that uses a cold room and you have genuine concerns about operational costs. Whilst our cold stores are economical to run at Polysec, there are tips and tricks you can take to help keep those energy bills as low as possible, with every penny saved reinvested back into the business. Your cold room is no doubt vital to the running of your business so make as many savings as possible by following this energy-saving advice.


Opening and Closing Doors

You wouldn’t leave the refrigerator in your kitchen wide open for any prolonged period of time so take the same approach when you are using cold rooms and cold stores. Any fluctuation in temperature can place greater demands on the temperatures inside cold rooms and by keeping the areas as stable as possible this will help to reduce unwarranted energy costs. Try to reduce the length of time the doors to your cold stores are open. Always close them swiftly once you leave the cold room.


Loading and Unloading

Effective loading and unloading practices can help to reduce energy wastage in your cold room. Take forever stocking up your cold store, or open the door too frequently thus letting warm air into the room and this can have a negative impact. Try to stock up your cold store in batches wherever possible and keep the environment as chilled as possible. Adopt efficient loading practices and this should help to minimise the operational costs of the cold store.


Optimum Temperatures

Keep a close eye on the operational temperatures of your cold room. You can verify the ideal temperature to store products through your supplier and installer, just make sure you always stick to the guidelines. Leave a cold room on the wrong setting and the cost of electricity can start to creep up.


Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance for cold rooms can help to eliminate problems and ensure your cold store is working perfectly. This will also help to save costs by highlighting preventable issues thus helping to reduce the overall running cost of the cold room. Keep a close eye on the condition of the cold room and check for signs of damage including faulty seals or defective hinges that could be letting cold air out and warm in.

Our top tips for reducing cold room energy costs include:

• Preventing cold air from the leaving the cold store
• Loading and unloading products in bulk
• Keeping a cold store at the right temperature
• Installing effective insulation
• Having the cold room maintained on a regular basis
• Checking for faults on seals, hinges or catches

For more tips or to discuss cold room solutions in greater detail speak to the expert team at Polysec. We’re always available to offer our advice and you can contact us online or call us 01905 458 551.

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