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Drive in coldstores can be extremely useful if you need to store large quantities of produce at a set temperature. At Polysec, we supply countless businesses with chilled and freezer applications for warehouse distribution projects. You could say we have a great deal of experience in this sector.

When setting up a cold storage warehouse, there are a number of considerations you need to make before you can successfully establish a frozen or chilled food supply chain. Get the basics right and you’ll have an industrious hub to rely on, one that can make a huge difference to the performance and effectiveness your business.

In the early stages, think about the following to get the basics right.

Location of the coldstore

Careful consideration should be given to the exact location of the coldstore warehouse. Think about the logistics, how transport is going to get to and from the building, and its location to main arterial routes.  If the building is miles away from the nearest motorway, your fleet of refrigerated trucks will waste time, miles and fuel getting to and from the site.  Therefore, carefully consider the physical location of the chiller warehouse, and also make a point of weighing up how easy it is to access.

Coldstore design 

A great deal of thought should be spent on the physical design of your coldstore warehouse. Ideally, you should consider how practical and easy it is to use the facility on a daily basis. There could be a large quantity of staff working on the site at any given time and you could have a variety of vehicles entering the premises on a daily basis. The design needs to be practical, and a streamlined layout will enhance the operating efficiency of the building


Another important area to consider when designing or building a coldstore warehouse is the energy efficiency of the property.  If you take conservation seriously you should be considering a design with strong green credentials that helps to save energy.  Choose insulated panels to form the walls and the ceilings of the coldstore and this gives you structural stability, improved insulation, and lower running costs as part of an environmentally friendly solution.

Here at Polysec, we have extensive experience and deploy a variety of manufacturing techniques in the creation of modular coldroom systems.  Simply contact us for more details and to start planning your new coldstore today. Or call for a no-obligation chat on 01905 458551.

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