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We’ve covered the Key Advantages of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in a previous blog written by us here at Polysec.  Known for their dependability as composite building materials, insulated panels are used for a variety of construction projects and have many commercial and industrial applications. Here we list some of the most common uses for energy efficient panels and name some of the industries that put SIPs to the test.


Insulated panels are very effective for warehouse storage, especially if you want to store products at the perfect temperature. The insulating properties of the panels help to retain a consistent temperature inside warehouse environments, keeping everything nice and cool. They are especially beneficial inside cold storage warehouses that might contain food produce, and they are ideal for sensitive items that need to be kept at a steady temperature, such as electronics for example.


A large number of medications need to be stored at set temperatures to prevent them spoiling, whether this at a fixed storage facility, or whilst they are being delivered inside a refrigerated vehicle. Insulated panels are widely used in the construction of refrigerated vans and medicines can be delivered safely inside them at the perfect temperature. Insulated panels are also used in the construction of storage rooms for pharmacies where they keep pharmaceuticals in a first class condition.

Building Construction

Due to the wonderful insulating properties of SIPS, they make a useful construction material in a variety of building projects. As an energy efficient material, insulated panels are durable and dependable, making them a good solution for domestic new build properties, garden offices, and all manner of domestic or commercial applications. Environmentally green with excellent thermal efficiency, it’s easy to understand why insulated panels are a popular building material.

Refrigeration and Cold Storage

Insulated panels are really useful for cold store applications too. You will find them in many commercial settings where they are used in the construction of large refrigeration areas. Helping to keep produce fresh and cold items at just the right temperature, SIPs make a brilliant building material for large-scale fridges and cold stores. Whether it’s a walk-in freezer or a huge fridge, it’ll be cool and temperature controlled if it’s built with structural insulated panels.

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