Read These 7 Essential Tips for Freezing Food

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Many people believe that freezing your food is generally a bad thing to do, that the food won’t be the same after it’s defrosted and the best thing is to avoid it. Freezing your food shouldn’t affect its quality unless you incorrectly prepare your food for freezing. By following our seven top tips on freezing… Read more »

7 Fresh Food Types That Last Surprisingly Well

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Most of us rely on the little use by dates you find printed on food packaging. This is the best way to spot if perishables have gone beyond their consume-by date, once the date has passed, you run the risk of eating something that isn’t good for you. 

Everything You Wanted to Know About Refrigerated Vans

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Refrigerated vehicles are great for transporting goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature. Most people only encounter refrigeration at home in their kitchens, so they may not know how refrigerated vehicles work. Like household fridges, refrigeration vehicles make use of an insulated airtight compartment and a condenser system to remove any remaining heat… Read more »

Find out How Long You can Keep Your Food in the Freezer

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Family freezers become a repository for a number of leftover foods, with spare pork chops, loaves of bread and extra portions of Bolognese all commonly found. With so many different foods in a freezer, it can be weeks or even months before you see your food again. With such long times between putting food in… Read more »

Five of the Most Popular Family Freezer Foods

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Freezer food is convenient. It’s handy for families, single folks and couples. You can store stuff for months in the freezer then pop it into the oven and have a hearty and hot meal. The products we sell at Polysec help to keep chilled and frozen food at the ideal storage temperature. But what’s your… Read more »

The coldest places on the planet

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Step inside an insulated coldroom supplied by us here at Polysec and you will notice the drop in temperature straight away. Our refrigeration units are designed to be temperature efficient, we provide solutions for chill and freeze applications, our systems are cold, cool and ensure a host of products are stored at the optimum temperature…. Read more »

Five weird things that happen during decomposition

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No one likes to think of decomposing. It’s too much of a morbid thought. But it isn’t that bad. The rituals of death are fairly modern now, and we can even delay the process of decomposition. But what happens when we do start to decompose? Here are five ways our body break down once we’ve… Read more »

The Different Types of Refrigerated Storage Containers

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Many businesses require sufficient refrigerated storage containers. This is an unavoidable consequence of the nature of some businesses. Whether storing foods or other products for extended periods of time, or transporting such goods over long distances, adequate storage is paramount.

Warning: Are you making these food safety mistakes?

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Why do we use commercial coldrooms and coldstores, chiller or freezer units? They help businesses to store food, keep produce fresh, and ensure goods are okay to eat or safe to prepare.  Without chiller or freezer units produce would quickly rot, it could become infected with bacteria, and cause serious stomach complaints.

Commercial Refrigeration Options Often Not Considered

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One of the most integral aspects of restaurants is the necessity of commercial refrigeration. To ensure a successful commercial operation it’s imperative that all refrigeration processes are working to optimal capacity. Here is an overview of different commercial refrigeration options that you may not have considered.