The Different Types of Refrigerated Storage Containers

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Many businesses require sufficient refrigerated storage containers. This is an unavoidable consequence of the nature of some businesses. Whether storing foods or other products for extended periods of time, or transporting such goods over long distances, adequate storage is paramount.

Warning: Are you making these food safety mistakes?

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Why do we use commercial coldrooms and coldstores, chiller or freezer units? They help businesses to store food, keep produce fresh, and ensure goods are okay to eat or safe to prepare.  Without chiller or freezer units produce would quickly rot, it could become infected with bacteria, and cause serious stomach complaints.

Commercial Refrigeration Options Often Not Considered

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One of the most integral aspects of restaurants is the necessity of commercial refrigeration. To ensure a successful commercial operation it’s imperative that all refrigeration processes are working to optimal capacity. Here is an overview of different commercial refrigeration options that you may not have considered.

Food hygiene for catering businesses

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We all know the importance of storing produce at the right temperature but how many of us understand the safety principles associated with the handling of fresh food?  Run a catering business for example and you might use a modular coldroom to store basic ingredients prior to food preparation, do you follow good hygiene principles… Read more »

Look for this when you choose coldroom clothing

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In all honesty you wouldn’t last long inside a coldroom without suitable protection. Spend a large amount of time working inside a chilled unit and the clothing you wear should be appropriate for the environment.  Normal safety wear is hardly going to be sufficient. Specialist coldstore solutions are required in this type of setting. With… Read more »

Coldroom safety, the points to consider

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Whichever type of coldroom you plan to install, whether it’s a small walk-in unit or a huge drive-in facility, careful consideration should be given to safe working practices within the facility. The planning stage is important as you configure a coldroom layout. Weigh up these factors to begin and this should ensure your coldroom is… Read more »

Refrigeration advice you need to know

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A refrigerator or cold room needs to maintain a constant temperature to provide a safe environment for perishable goods.  Too warm and the produce inside could be at risk from bacteria. Too cold and goods might start to freeze. Learn a little about refrigeration etiquette though and you’ll always keep fresh produce in the ideal… Read more »

How to Promote Warehouse Safety

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One of the more hazardous working environments is a warehouse. The environment has the potential for all manner of accidents. From slips and falls to falling goods, not to mention the use of heavy machinery, so often employed, it’s vital that anyone working in a warehouse is aware of all risks and how to take… Read more »

Preventing mould growth in cold rooms

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Cold rooms are an essential part of many industries. But the low temperatures and restricted air movement present in the room make an ideal condition for condensation and moisture build up. This in turn, presents the perfect place for mould to grow. This can bring about a number of problems, including the inhalation of mould… Read more »

What is polyurethane?

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Polyurethane is an everyday plastic material which takes on many various forms. Since its invention in 1940, polyurethane has been used when creating a wide range of items from one of its first uses in World War II aeroplane wings, to surgical equipment and children’s toys now. It continues to be a useful material and… Read more »